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Profix Story

The PROFIX project is a visible result of the experience and know-how accumulated over more than fifteen years.

The group is focused on expertise, products and personalized development services for PSP companies to deliver Profitability Control and Guidance procedures.

Who Is Behind

The first acquiring software solution has been developed by our team members in 1991. Since that time, as the result of activities in Europe, UK and Asia, we have acquired a significant expertise and knowledge of international and national payment schemes and key software vendors. We realize that there is a niche for professional services in the area of high-end tuning of running systems, organized in a way, totally transparent to the end-user, and neutral to vendors. Most of our methodologies and products primarily address this sector.

Our Vision

To be the trusted technology and solution provider for fair and transparent billing

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Waterloo Office Park
161 box 57, Dreve Richelle

1410 Waterloo


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